Best Earplugs for Kids in Any Situation

Protecting your hearing is of the utmost importance. But how can you protect your child’s hearing? Earplugs for kids are vital in certain situations. Children are not immune to hearing loss or ear infections. They require proper protection suited for children-sized ears.

Here are the best earplugs and hearing protectors for kids for various different activities.

Putty Buddies Original Swimming Earplugs
(Best putty earplugs for swimming)

Best earplugs for kids - Putty Buddies Original Swimming Earplugs

Most kids love to swim, and it’s important to protect them from water-related ear infections. The Putty Buddies Original swimming earplugs are a great option to protect their ears when around water.

These earplugs are made from soft, moldable silicone. This means that you physically mold them to fit the child’s ear specifically. For more information about using moldable putty earplugs, you can read more information on our Guide on How To Use Earplugs. Because these are moldable earplugs, they will fit a variety of ear sizes, for both children and adults. A one size fits all solution!

These are created by an Ear, Nose and Throat physicians and states they’re doctor recommended.

These types of earplugs are a great option for kids with any type of ear issues, such as ear tubes, swimmer’s ear or perforated eardrums. These earplugs don’t fully enter the ear canal, but make a seal near the outer part of the ear. They effectively protect the child’s ears while still allowing them to enjoy the water.

Putty or silicone earplugs like these Putty Buddies are reusable so you just need to wash them appropriately before using them again. However, they will eventually need to be replaced, depending on how often you use them.

Putty Buddies have been around for over 25 years and have a loyal following. Overall, a great earplug for children (and adults)!

Zooshine Waterproof Kids Swimming Earplugs(Best silicone earplugs for swimming)

Best earplugs for kids - Zooshine Waterproof Kids Swimming Earplugs

Need a waterproof earplug, but not comfortable with using putty? These Zooshine earplugs are a great alternative.

Rather than molding sticky putty, these pre-molded silicone earplugs can provide the same protection. Made from soft silicone, these earplugs are much easier to insert while still being comfortable to wear. Typically, these types of earplugs provide better water protection because they are fully in the ear canal, versus putty earplugs.

These soft silicone ear plugs also have a “guard” piece that sticks out from the ear. This means you cannot insert them too far and also help when you need to remove them.

Zooshine also comes in various bright colours, so these earplugs are much easier to find if they get dropped in the pool. They also float!

Overall, Zooshine is a great option for pre-molded silicone earplugs for swimming!

Ear Band-It ULTRA Swimming Headband
(Best over-the-ear swimming protection)

Best earplugs for toddlers - Ear Band-It ULTRA Swimming Headband

If your child cannot wear putty or pre-molded earplugs for swimming, another option is the Ear Band-It Ultra swimming headband. These work wonders for children of various ages. There’s no need to insert or mold any earplug. Simply where these as a headband and your child’s ears will be protected from the water. Easy!

Not only do these headbands help prevent swimmer’s ear, they can be used by children with ear tubes and perforated eardrums. They’re also a great alternative for kids who are afraid of inserting earplugs, or don’t want to wear swim caps. Some children just dislike the feeling of getting water in their ears and struggle to learn how to swim because of it. These headband is non-invasive, comfortable and keeps water out of their ears.

Otherwise, the Ear Band-It Ultra headband can be worn over top of earplugs for added protection. They also help keep earplugs from falling out when swimming or participating in water sports.

HEAROS Nanos Foam Ear Plug
(Best for loud noise)

Best earplugs for children - HEAROS Nanos Foam Ear Plug 

Is your child going to be in a loud environment, such as around loud music? The HEAROS Nanos foam earplugs are a fantastic choice for small ears while still providing a high level of protection.

These foam earplugs come with a noise reduction rating of 28 dB. This is very high for earplugs and will provide great hearing protection. These specific Nanos earplugs are specifically designed for children’s ears and individuals with smaller ears. Although made of a soft foam, these earplugs recommend that you can reuse them a few times before throwing them away.

The bright orange colour of the Nanos makes it easy to check if your child has them in. These kids sized earplugs are also great for fireworks, airplanes, school trips or any other loud-noise environment.

HEAROS also make a small foam earplug for children with a cord, so they’re much harder to lose. These HEAROS Just for Kids Earplugs provide the same level of protection, with the added cord and carrying case.

Mpow 068 Kids Ear Muffs
(Best over-the-ear protection)

Mpow 068 Kids Ear Muffs

There may be situations where you child cannot wear certain earplugs, or isn’t comfortable with them. This is where earmuffs come in handy.

Earmuffs do not enter the ear canal, so they can be much more comfortable for children afraid of earplugs. They also work well for children who cannot wear earplugs due to medical reasons. You could also use Mpow earmuffs for toddlers.

These Mpow Kids earmuffs come with a noise reduction rating of 25 dB, a great value for earmuffs. These particular earmufs come with an adjustable headband to suit children from three years old to about 12 years old. They have extremely soft ear cups and cushions to make them comfortable for long periods of time.

Mpow earmuffs are great for hunting, airplanes, sporting events or concerts. They allow your child to enjoy the event while still protecting their hearing.

They also easily fold up and can be stored just about anywhere.

Cirrus Healthcare Original Child EarPlanes
(Best airplane protection)

Best earplugs for kids - Cirrus Healthcare Original Child EarPlanes

If you’ve ever been on a fight with your child, you know how painful and uncomfortable the change in air pressure can be for them. Cirrus Healthcare has created a child-sized earplug specifically for use on planes.

These earplugs are designed to minimize clogging and popping in your child’s ear by regulating air pressure naturally. They even help reduce the harsh noise heard when in the plane.  EarPlanes are soft, comfortable and reusable, making it an obvious choice for your next flight. You can use these for children aged 1-10.

Many reviewers of EarPlanes have commented that their child no longer cries on flights because of these earplugs. They can finally relax during the trip and stop suffering from discomfort and pain.

Cirrus Healthcare states that these are doctor recommended and supported by Good Housekeeping. EarPlanes can also be used by adults and anyone else with smaller-sized ears.

EarPeace HD High Fidelity Ear Plugs
(Best earplugs for music)

EarPeace HD High Fidelity Ear Plugs 

Regular foam earplugs will definitely reduce sound and protect your hearing. However, what if you need to hear the sounds properly, just at a lower volume? High fidelity earplugs let you comfortable listen to music while reducing the overall volume to a safe level.

These particular earplugs are specifically designed for children and smaller ear canals.

EarPeace comes with three different filters for various protection. Choose between medium, high and max filters depending on how loud the environment is. These provide a clear and crisp sound, just at a safe volume. You can easily have conversation while these earplugs are in, without having to take them out like foam earplugs.

Made from high quality silicone, these earplugs can be worn for long periods of time without irritation or discomfort. EarPeace HD earplugs are soft and reusable, so you don’t need to re-buy earplugs every time you need them.

EarPeace earplugs also come with a small aluminum case to keep your earplugs safe.

While these are a high-quality and expensive option, they are definitely effective in the right environments. If you just need to reduce external sound, cheap soft foam earplugs will probably be enough. If you’re in an environment such as a concert where you want to hear the sound normally (just quieter) high fidelity earplugs are the perfect choice.

Hearing protection for children

Earplugs for kids

Thankfully, there are numerous options on the market for children’s earplugs. It will all depend on what situation you need them for. Whether for noise reduction, airplanes, music or swimming, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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