Walkers Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs

Should I Buy Walker’s Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs?

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What are the Walker’s Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs?

These earplugs are effective hearing protectors while remaining small and comfortable. Rather than using traditional foam earplugs, these are electronic and use sound activated compression to protect your hearing.

These are fantastic earplugs for situations where you need to protect your ears, but still hear certain sounds. Activities like shooting and hunting are ideal for Walker’s Silencer ear plugs. If you’re interested in more hearing protection for firearms, you can check out our post on Best Ear Protection for Shooting.

These come with left and right ear buds with independent volume control and digital sound processing. They also reduce wind noise, lower harmful levels of sound, auto shut-off, connect through Bluetooth and utilize voice controls. These earplugs even come with a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 25 dB.

These earplugs come with 3 sizes of Sure-Lock sizing fins and another 3 sizes of foam tips. You can also charge these earplugs but they typically have an average battery life of 14 hours.

In short: these earplugs provide much more than any foam earplugs could ever do.

Walkers Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs

Free mobile app for full control

These earplugs really go above and beyond in terms of features and design. You’ll receive access to a free Walker’s App where you can control:

  • Check your battery levels
  • Change program settings
  • Increase or reduce the volume

This allows you to control your hearing protection far more than any non-electronic earplugs available. You can also do this without having to take them out of your ears, but simply use the app.

Of course, if you just need hearing protection and nothing else, foam earplugs are great. Some of our favourites have a NRR of 33 dB and provide massive noise cancelling abilities. However, if you’re looking for a bit more from your hearing protection, these earplugs are a fantastic alternative.

Electronic earplugs versus electronic ear muffs

Electronic earplugs and earmuffs offer different types of functions and protection, depending on your situation.

So which should you choose?

Walker’s Silencer electronic ear plugs are protective and effective like earmuffs, without any of the weight or bulk. These plugs fit snugly in the ear canal rather than sitting over the ear like earmuffs. Earmuffs may also interfere with what you’re doing, since they’re bulkier and larger than earplugs.

However, you may prefer earmuffs if you don’t like the feel of plugs in your ears. Earmuffs cover the ear, rather than sit inside the ear canal. It really depends on what you find most comfortable and what you need the earmuffs for.

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Problems with Walker’s Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs

The first and biggest issue that comes to mind with these earplugs is the cost. They’re expensive. There’s no way around that. It may be hard to swallow a big price tag for these earplugs when you know you can buy disposable foam earplugs for a tiny fraction of the cost.

However, the price could be worth it if you can answer yes to most (if not all) of these questions:

  • Will you use these earplugs regularly and frequently?
  • Will you be able to get the most from all the features?
  • Can you easily use the app on your phone?
  • Will you be in situations where these earplugs would be helpful?
  • Can you maintain these earplugs so they last a long time?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Walker’s Silencer earplugs might be a great fit for you. If not, disposable foam or reusable pre-molded silicone earplugs might be enough protection for you.

Of course, as with any expensive earplugs, the possibility of losing them is much more serious than if they were just foam plugs. If you lose these, you’re out quite a bit of money. Making sure you keep them in a safe place should cut down on the likelihood of losing them. You’ll also need to ensure you maintain them properly using the recommended cleaning techniques from Walkers so these earplugs last you a long time.

Final verdict of Walker’s Silencer Electronic Ear Plugs

Overall, we really enjoy these electronic ear plugs. They’re effective, comfortable and durable. Ideally, we would recommend these for activities like hunting or shooting, as they allow you to communicate with those around you and hear important sounds like twigs breaking, while still protecting your ears.

If you’re simply looking for hearing protection, you may be able to find something more suited for what you need with a smaller price tag. If you don’t need anything fancy, or any additional features, foam earplugs or pre-molded silicone earplugs could be a great alternative.

Solid protection
Tons of features
Easy to lose
Quality protection
So much more than earplugs
Walker's Silencer electronic earplugs are top of the line with extra features and bonuses, while still protecting your hearing. Want more than just an earplug? Try these.
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