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Moldex Ear Plugs Review – Are the Moldex Pura-Fit good earplugs?

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You’ve tried numerous foam earplugs, but just can’t find the right ones for you. What about Moldex ear plugs? Specifically, we’ve reviewed the Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs to determine whether these are decent earplugs. So what did we find?

Our quick recap: we love these earplugs. But why?

What are Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs?

These earplugs are disposable foam plugs, which means technically you cannot reuse them. Realistically, however, you can probably use a foam earplug 2-3 times before you need to throw it out.

Typically, these types of earplugs are best for noise reduction, which is why foam earplugs are ideal for sleeping. While it can be annoying that you’ll need to throw these away after just a few uses, foam ear plugs are usually incredibly soft and comfortable. Pura-Fit earplugs are no exception. These soft, extra light foam earplugs are squishy in all the right places, making sleep incredibly easy.

Pura-Fit are designed in a typical foam earplug shape, with a slight taper which makes it easier to insert them into the ear canal. This is a great alternative if you don’t like the feel of bell-shaped earplugs, or flange-designed earplugs.

These plugs come with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 33 dB. This is the maximum rating any earplug can receive, so you know you’ll be getting high quality noise reduction with these plugs. Even if you have to sleep beside the world’s loudest snorer, you’ll experience massive noise reduction with these earplugs.

While the box may come with 200 pairs of earplugs, each pair is sealed in biodegradable paper, keeping them protected and clean until you need them. This is great for ensure that your earplugs will last a long time, especially if you don’t use them frequently. If they were open and exposed, they can easily accumulate germs and dust before you use them.

Pura-Fit come in a bright green color, typical of Moldex products. This makes them extremely easy to see if you happen to drop them, or if they come out of your ears. However, we’ve found that these tend to be quite snug in the ear canal, making it harder for them to fall out.

Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs

Are Pura-Fit good earplugs?

Are Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs good? The short answer is: yes.

These earplugs are legitimately formulated for softness and easily quiet noisy environments. We prefer these for sleeping, meditating, studying, or any situation when you need it to be quiet. In fact, they’re suitable for most noisy environments, such as around fireworks, motorcycles or firearms. If nothing else, these earplugs product solid hearing protection.

On top of their high NRR, these earplugs are soft, squishy and provide decent comfort. The Pura-Fit’s outer surface is smooth and soft so it shouldn’t irritate the ear canal, even if you wear them for long periods of time.

We’ve also found that these earplugs are a great fit for those who have slightly smaller sized ear canals. If you find that other foam earplugs make your ears sore because they’re too big, these would be a great alternative. While we absolutely love the Mack’s Ultra Soft and Hearos Xtreme Protection, these Pura-Fit feel like they’re a bit smaller so they’d be ideal for smaller ears.

While the most cost-effective option is 200 earplugs, you can also buy Pura-Fit in a box of 10 or 50, in case you aren’t sure. Most other earplugs sell in boxes of 50 pairs, so it’s great that you can get 200 for a decent price (as long as you like them!).


  • Squishy
  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Trusted company
  • Non-irritating material
  • Good for small ear canals
  • Extremely high noise reduction rating

While we love the Pura-Fit earplugs, they’re not perfect nor are they the right choice for everyone. Some of their cons include:

  • Disposable
  • May not fit all ears
  • Cannot be washed
  • Not effective for in-water use
  • Blocks out all noise, so these wouldn’t be useful for music protection

Tip: Once you open a new pair from their paper pouch, we recommend keeping the in-use earplugs in an air-sealed container. This means that they won’t dry out or accumulate dust while you’re not using them. We’ve found that the Pura-Fit earplugs could potentially be used for nearly a week if kept this way, before you need to throw them out.

Of course, keeping your ears clean and only handling the earplugs after washing your hands can help make them last longer, too. If you’re careful, you could make a 200 earplug box last a very long time.

Final verdict on Moldex Pura-Fit Earplugs

In the end, these are a solid and effective choice for hearing protection. Whether you need a good night’s sleep, or protection from harmful noise, Moldex ear plugs are an easy choice. We particularly love the Pura-Fit option as they’re extremely comfortable but also provide the maximum noise reduction possible for earplugs. Why not give them a shot?

Soft & comfortable
Extremely effective
Won't fit all ears
Fantastic earplugs
Solid all-around
Not only do Moldex Pura-Fit earplugs provide incredible hearing protection, but they're actually comfortable. If you're looking for new foam earplugs, these are a wonderful option.
Try them out!

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